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You can order it here!

New Bob Wiseman Full length Jan 24

Out January 24th, Bob’s new full length will be available on vinyl! – among the other usual suspects. Come out and help us release it this Thursday January 24th. Performing with Bob is an extra special list of guests including: Mary Margaret O’Hara, Aidan Closs, Drew Smith, Steve Caston, Dwayne Gretzky, Ronley Tepler, Magali Meagher, Jim Guthrie, Mamabolo, Garrett Jamieson, John Southworth, Anne Bourne, Mark Hundevad and more.
Jan 24, The Tranzac, 8:00pm


Here’s some talk about it over at Sonic More Music

Check out the ongoing KOTV exhibit at VIDEOFAG the new video gallery space in Toronto’s Kensington Market

Here’s a new track from Prince Nifty: Vox News Double Double Dose

Betty Burke’s new EP ‘Taking it All Back Now: Austerity Measures’ is here and free for your downloading.

Taking It All Back Now: Austerity Measures EP.

“No Drums No Masters!” It’s not an ideological slogan- it’s a sign of the times. Musical austerity measures. Forgo the rehearsal space and cars that real drums require, and just lay it down with some cheap beats from a rented drum machine. As usual, the songs are all based on true stories. Low Budget- even lower than last time! But rich with imagination.
released 15 May 2012
Songs (c) 2010, 2011 by Maggie MacDonald (SOCAN)
Recorded and Produced by James Bunton at his home studio, 2011
Mastered by Matt Smith AKA Nifty.
Maggie MacDonald: vocals
Jo Snyder: guitars
Sheila Sampath: keyboard, shaker
Paul Mathew: Bass
With backing vocals by Jo Snyder, Sheila Sampath

Photography by Jennifer Rowsom

Rambles, rants and revelations:

Kids On TV and Blocks are proud to release unto thee, wide world, the newest, most fresh sonic offerings from Toronto, via Berlin, and back again. Bobby, the new single from KOTV,featuring SNAX and Diamond Rings should kick start your summer loving with a strong dose of spring fever. Buy it here on iTunes

Blocks has been giving it away and putting out all year long with Eucalyptus, Doug Tielli, Army Girls, The Pining, Betty Burke and Tomboyfriend. Many amazing videos were made; tours were booked; shows were played. Toronto is still standing, against all odds. We were busy gettin’ busy and we’re not showing any signs of slowing for 2012.
Also, a shower of love to our friend Katie Stelmanis, because her new project Austra basically ruled over this wild year of our Lord, two thousand and eleven.

Check back with us over the next couple of weeks, because we have a big year coming up, and we’ll let you in on some of the details shortly.

‘You Can’t Wear Suede in the Rain’ from ‘The Dirty Mouth of the St. Lawrence’ by Betty Burke. Look for some new Betty Burke in the very near future!!!

ARMY GIRLS ‘BARKIN” recorded live on the beach. The ‘ARMY GIRLS’ debut EP ‘Close To The Bone’ may be something you missed, but you no longer have that excuse!

The Pining ‘The Better Life’. Its really so good its hard to imagine I even have to describe it all, because everyone should know this by now. But I will anyways, The Pining is a country band from Toronto led by 2 of Toronto’s finest songwriters. Validate this statement independantly right here

Doug Tielli ‘Deer’. Shadow Troubadour, Doug Tielli, sheds some light on the wild side of Toronto – more Raven or ravine, than ravin’ – with his stunning debut ‘Swan Sky Sea Squirrel’

Tomboyfriend ‘Almost/Always’ from the album ‘Don’t Go To School‘. Nothing is sacred but everything is sanctified.

Brodie West and Joost Buis chair dynamics — Brodie West of Euclyptus. This is not Eaucalyptus, but its very enjoyable

Austra – The Beat And The Pulse (NSFW)
Shot at Toronto’s finest space under the radar and above a bakery, Double Double Land.

Mantler – Breaking Past The Day. Words can hardly describe how much we love Mantler. He is truly one of the wonders of the world-of-under-celebrated-musicians-in-Toronto, and continually makes great videos. This is but one of those. Although his last record ‘Monody’ did not come out this past year, its really so good. Its a shame he isn’t on everyones “I need to feel great about life right now” playlist.

Kids On TV –’These Are The People In Your Neighbourhood’. Just sit back and enjoy! KOTV take over the hieights of TO’s Kensington Market one lovely afternoon.