The Blocks Recording Club is a Artist-Owned Worker’s Co-operative based in Toronto. Our goal is to work together as a musical community to help each other to record and release music that we as a community generate. We believe that working together we can accomplish far more than we ever could working apart and further, that by moving closer to a co-operative economy we’re helping in whatever small way we can, to minimize the harmful effects of capital in the world.

The Blocks Recording Club is run by an elected board that is chosen from the body of the co-op. The board as of  December 2010 is: Matt Smith, Julie Faught, Magali Meagher and Patrick Borjal. Non-board important folk include: Bob Wiseman, who is Canadian distribution liaison and scriptural adviser to the board.  Our web-goblin is Greg Collins and distro and mailorder are led by Jeremy Singer. Maggie Macdonald, Teresa Fulker and Kat Gligorijevic drive all of our make-day activities.

BRC was founded by Steven Kado and Mark McLean in 2003 as a tapes and mini-cd only label. Shortly after founding Blocks Mark left for Ottawa and the tapes and mini-cds idea left with him. After that Steve ran Blocks with Liisa K. Graham more or less until 2005 when the club incorporated as a worker’s co-op. After incorporation Liisa left and the co-op elected its first Board of Directors: James Anderson, Steve Kado and Matt McDonough (2005).