1. Buying Blocks The best way to buy Blocks is through our mailorder at The Blue House. The Blocks will make the most money that way. However, if you like the endorphin rush of going to a record store and getting ...Read More

Four years in the making, produced by Jesse Laine and CW, with artwork by Tara Azzopardi, and featuring 14 sparkling pop gems ranging in style and subject matter, from Burt Lancaster to dead goldfish via hermetic paranoia. Exclaim also called ...Read More

1. Go to the official Facebook home of Blocks Recording Club. 2. Join for news and exclusive tracks from our new Building Blocks Singles Club Starting April 09, every four weeks we'll be releasing 2 exclusive tracks from brand new ...Read More

No, but dialectics can get your ass on the dance floor. Blocks founder (and now real live art grad student) Steven Kado presents his first full length album under the name The Blankket. It's Arthur Russell meets On-U Sound System. NOW ...Read More

Now available everywhere vinyl is sold: One Hundred Dollar's 7-inch, Fourteenth Floor. It's the first of their "Regional 7inch series" which will also see a platter out on G7 Welcoming Committee. Order here. More info on the series ...Read More

We are currently redeveloping our website. For now, enjoy this temp piece of shit template I hereby name "Soviet Hospital." Our releases are now up to date, but our direct order links have to be manually inputted. I did that ...Read More

Some jerk hacked our website. We'll be back to normal.......sometime. Read More

Dear friends and Final Fantasy fans, The hotly anticipated □□□049 FINAL FANTASY - “Spectrum, 14th Century” is going to be available for purchase on CD from The Blue House later today. We've had some delays in the vinyl manufacturing process, but ...Read More

As you may have heard, we're putting out 2 brand new Final Fantasy Eps over the next month. Both EPs are currently available via itunes, more info on the release page. Owen and FF will be touring Japan, Australia, ...Read More

Go to the Releases page and start "Fantasizing" now. Katie Stelmanis has a fucking great video made by Jesi The Elder. Go to http://www.stelmanis.com and see it now! I almost forgot...A track by me is featured on the Selected Sounds from the ...Read More