Available for order in a matter of hours! Projected Lights is a DVD of Toronto’s shadow play and projection performance scene featuring fourteen works from: Shary Boyle, the Singing Saw Shadow Show, Steph Comilang and Final Fantasy, Yuula Benivolski ...Read More

Bob Wiseman's "The Legend," his first live release ever, is now ready. It's only available via mailorder and at Bob's shows. It's limited and packaged in a scrappy handmade cover by Punchclock Studios. So get to one of ...Read More

Bob Wiseman's first live CD is being made right now and will be available on his upcoming globe trotting tour. We half wished it was titled "Wiseman comes Alive" but on a deeper, more honest level are happy that it's ...Read More

JSYK: NINJA HIGH SCHOOL IS BREAKING UP. There are so many reasons for this you can't even imagine. The least of the reasons is that THE LOVE HAS DIED. The second least reason is that "I NEVER ...Read More

Hey! So there is a new Board of Directors at Blocks! That's right! NEW PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE (or at least some new people are in charge...) JOHN CAFFREY, BRIAN JOSEPH DAVIS, KAT GLIGORIJEVIC-COLLINS, MATT MCDONOUGH and BOB WISEMAN are the new board ...Read More

GUYS! 1 - Katie Stelmanis is putting out the next blocks record! It is coming out on January 9th 2008! Amazing! 2 - Nifty is still available! Still 'new'. Available everywhere we make things available. 3 - Blocks is having ...Read More

Hey! So it is now possible to order the new Nifty CD online directly from us! You can just follow this LINK and be parted almost immediately from your money. It will be available for download from Zunior ...Read More

We're furiously folding and gluing the first Blocks release by Nifty (aka Matt Smith of Les Mouches). Check in the releases section for more info. Matt is on tour with Final Fantasy this fall , starting soon. In other touring ...Read More

So, recently, someone asked me if Blocks was going to have any 'presence' at Pop Montreal this fall. No slur on Pop Montreal, Fucked Up and Final Fantasy are totally playing it this year, but why would an expressly ...Read More

Pyramid Culture's "100% True" is unfortunately delayed until later this fall! Watch here for updates. The release party for Brian Joseph Davis' the Definitive Host is still Friday August 3rd, 9pm at Mercer Union, 37 Lisgar St. FREE. Also appearing that night ...Read More