Two full length releases for the end of July: Pyramid Culture’s “100% True” —dance music driven by the power of the ancients and packaged in gold! Brian Joseph Davis’ “The Definitive Host”— a compilation of his sound art to date. Both are going ...Read More

Hey! So it's been a long time since we've put anything up here, but here's some good news! At the start of this month: Kids On TV's "Mixing Business with Pleasure" and The Phonemes "There's Something We've Been Meaning To Do" are ...Read More

Hey! So, Here is some news: The new album by Tradition, entitled TRADITION is coming out on Feb. 13th to retail outlets accross Canada, online on the internet via Zunior and for mail order in the universe on that very day. This is what ...Read More

So, most "independent" record releasing concerns promote records by giving copies to journalists, radio stations, music directors and even things like "seeding" blogs and paying shills to discuss their products on message boards etc.  We here at BRC have deemed ...Read More

Hey, So the board of directors just announced to the general membership of Blocks what will be coming out on Blocks in the first half of 2007! Here's what we're doing: Kids On TV - "Mixing Business With Pleasure" The Blankket - "Be Your ...Read More

If you go here: You can download the new Fucked Up "Year of the Dog" 12" for free. good? Read More

So YouTube took down that Kids In The Hall skit we put up on the website, which sucks, it was HILARIOUS (you might have liked it) but yeah, otherwise, the show at the NYCL went very smoothly, and it was ...Read More

Hey: guess what? This Kids In the Hall sketch was filmed just in front of the magnificent North York Public Library! Which, if you're one of those people who never goes north of Bloor St., you will be surprised to know ...Read More

So, after much hand assembling and like a month after it was available in area shops and at concerts we finally have sufficient stock of the new Anagram/Creeping Nobodies split 12" to say that it's actually 'for sale' and 'from ...Read More

Hi, So, first off, we've got some new releases to discuss: Bob Wiseman's new record Theme and Variations is out now! In stores! On Tour! Online! For Ordering! and: although available in stores in Toronto, we're only now actually getting copies of the Blocks/Dead ...Read More