There is a sound. A real old one. It comes in off the Prairies, wanders in from Cape Breton and it pings off the giant nickel in Sault St. Marie. This sound has memories of Anne Murray’s all-junkie band of ...Read More

">Mantler monody

Mantler/Monody BRC062 Mantler, Toronto's answer to Shuggie Otis and best kept secret has found the pocket again with the smooth, soulful and thoughtful Monody. Its far too engaging to call easy listening, but its easy to love. Look no further for ...Read More

“They mine music from the most extreme intersection of beauty and melancholy.” Pitchfork “This is paranoid music that’s utterly original and incredibly beautiful.” Exclaim Well, what can I add? It's Picastro and they're back with a stripped down collection of hymns and ...Read More

The Bungled and the Botched is Nadja’s most scorching and most achingly beautiful set yet, pushing the boundaries into ever greater washes of distortion and crystalline silences.  Originally available as a limited CDR, Blocks now presents a re-edited version of ...Read More

A free live album of electrocoustic-sound art-minimalist-hardcore-ear-ecstasy that will save the lagging marriage between your brain and auditory canal. Includes "Intro: Work for 10 Boom Boxes and Hardcore Punk loops." On  10 boomboxes arranged in a semi circle are cassettes ...Read More

The Torrent is not named after a download protocol. Mike Barry plays guitar and sings, and Cameron Groves sings, plays violin and deals with the machines. Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star said, and I quote, "[Leonora Moreno]is a sexy/nasty ...Read More

Four years in the making, produced by Jesse Laine and CW, with artwork by Tara Azzopardi, and featuring 14 sparkling pop gems ranging in style and subject matter, from Burt Lancaster to dead goldfish via hermetic paranoia. Exclaim also called ...Read More

$100's gut-hard and honey-sweet country will break your heart then make you want to occupy a government building. First in their series of regional 7-inches. ORDER NOW Read More

On Plays to Please Owen Pallett pays tribute to the songs of Toronto’s Alex Lukashevsky and Deep Dark United. Deep Dark United’s music can be described as…indescribable but under its waves of hazy unease lay perfectly made songs that Pallett had ...Read More

Beats as heavy as the weight of modern life. Hardcore chants as unintelligible as the middle class masses screaming for kitsch fixes. Steve Kado's first full length album sets the ideas of Theodor Adorno to a discofied despair that's like ...Read More