Last spring, Final Fantasy and members of Beirut went outdoors with instruments, microphones, and Alan Lomax’s headphones for an ethnomusicological exercise in fake field recordings that captures the culture of the fictional land of Spectrum. If you’re expecting dulcimers, Tibetan thigh ...Read More

Projected Lights is a DVD of Toronto's shadow play and projection performance scene featuring fourteen works from: Shary Boyle, the Singing Saw Shadow Show, Steph Comilang and Final Fantasy, Yuula Benivolski & Zeesy Powers, Jordan Somers feat. Sandro Perri, ...Read More

The Legend is Bob Wiseman’s first live album and a raw document of his intimate one man show he’s taken on tour across the world, including a string of dates last year opening for Feist in Europe. Packaged in a ...Read More

10 songs of piano and midi percolations from this former member of Galaxy and current member of the Bruce Peninsula. The drama of Kate Bush. The sturm und drang of Diamanda Galas. The poptones of Lena Lovich. A mystery that ...Read More

Nifty is Matt Smith (Les Mouches) and "A Sparrow! A Sparrow!" is a collection of 7 songs in as many different genres. "Two Figures" is reminiscent of a Tom Waitsian-sonic junkyard while many of the other tracks take off from ...Read More

Available Packaged in a full colour, oversized booklet, The Definitive Host collects most of Davis’ sound and music projects, including a remix of the internet hit 10 Banned Albums Burned Then Played. Also features two completely new works: Eula ( Sony’s ...Read More

And what the Phonemes mean to do is possibly like this collection of small, textured,brittle and unforgettable performances... yet they've put off doing it! This CD of deceptively simple songs will have to do until they remember. Read More

Club music for bathouse punks! Hymns to breakdance hunx, the cruel caprices of fame, and gay yuppies. Features a Roxy Music cover and a vocal turn from Boy George himself! Read More

The newest CD by The Blankket features four Bruce Springsteen songs about the deleterous effect of Capital on the human ability to dream, longing for escape etc. The Blankket is Steve K. Blocks R.C. founder, member of Ninja High School ...Read More

This is the first "official" Tradition CD, although CDrs, tapes and the like have been circulating for years now. Tradition is primarily the work of James Klassen, the conscience of Toronto and ex-Belleville. We've never put out a record like ...Read More