So, just in case you're wondering: months ago we got an email from Fucked Up saying that they wanted to do a record with Blocks and we thought they were totally joking, that they were baiting us or something and ...Read More

Two of Toronto's scariest and most intense live bands got together and made a split 45rpm 12" record, that was then elaborately hand packaged and released in a very limited edition. This is it. We've been telling you ...Read More

Bob's latest record has been a long time brewing, some part were recorded before Bob's last recording "It's True" (also on Blocks) was recorded. Featuring guests like James Anderson, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Sarah Harmer, Magali (Phonemes) Meagher, John Southworth, ...Read More

The next in Owen Pallett's continuing series of records made up of very very interesting lying. This one is a strange conflation of the everyday and the fantastic, where the failing marriages of real-estate salesmen are dealt with through extended Dungeons ...Read More

Fans of the Creeping Nobodies fantastic live show have had to wait years to have a recording that actually features all the band members they saw performing on record. The Creeping Nobodies have never been more intense, claustrophobic or challenging ...Read More

Fervent Dance-Rap/Positive Hardcore from Toronto's #1 extreme house party band. More fun than an actual barell of monkeys this is music designed to destroy epic shoegazing, corporate indie rock and other "total evils". Will be guaranteed to not-appeal ...Read More

This is the OWEN PALLETT IS A GENIUS release of 2005, topping his past achievements in Les Mouches (cf OWEN PALLETT IS A GENIUS release of 2004 "You're Worth More To Me Than 1,000 Christians") and setting a high standard ...Read More

Utter swarming chaos from Eugene Slonimerov and his thug-gang of art nerds and tall gentlemen. At long last you can hear and experience the dizzying multi-drummer onslaught that made LiS a hit with audiences and an enemy of Sound ...Read More

Ring in the Spring with "The Lovely Music" of the S.S. Cardiacs. Read More

Blocks normally takes pride in being a local, Toronto kind of thing. It worked for Dischord and who are we to argue if something works for Dischord? Well, there's always an exception (even at Dischord) and here when a ...Read More