The first CD release by Toronto's favourite answer to Half-Japanese. Chris (19) and his brother Charlie (13, ex-12) unveil this amazing collection of home recordings and also give a glimpse into the world of wonder and magic that is the ...Read More

Lenin i Shumov's first CD-R Read More

On Oct. 17, 2004 The Blocks Recording Club and Consumption records were given a room at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto by CANZINE, a large and renowned 'Zine Fair held annually by Broken Pencil Magazine. The decision was then made ...Read More

This is the long-awaited, finally available, all-hymns solo recording by Toronto's (ex-Vancouver's) most beloved drunk country and western/rock and roll musician. Contains several big hits: Didn't It Rain?, Down By The Riverside, Just A Closer Walk With Thee.. and many ...Read More

Over two years in the making this is kind of like the Remebrance of Things Past of Toronto-based UK-influenced indie-punk. Ample doses of the Fall, the Birthday Party, Sonic Youth (UK), bound up and analyzed over a long period of ...Read More

The latest EP from the band that was called "the best new band in Toronto" by Now Magazine in 2003. Sure to alienate old fans and be repulsive to those who already found them too annoying or pretentious to palate ...Read More

Deep Dark United come off as a cross between Xiu Xiu, Fine Young Cannibals at 16rpm, Frog Eyes and Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra. Full-blown experimental soul-jazz collides with messy synthesizers and are subsequently chanelled through the Wah Pedal and ...Read More

A co-release with Jennifer Lopez Knife records. This is Ninja High School's incredible debut record. Featuring more positive hardcore disguised as 'rap' than anyone has ever shaken a stick at in their entire lives. Those awed by the live performances ...Read More

OUT OF PRINT! The follow up to Hank's magical and enlightening 2003 Mini-Album Ackrill/Venning '91 shows the collective coming up with some of the most incredible pop music ever, every single one of this cd's 15 tracks is an out ...Read More

Ackrill/Venning '91 is an audacious revelation of a debut LP demonstrating a profoundly passionate love of music from its creator. All the songs mine a rich vein of genres with no two sounding the same. The upfront jangle of Danes ...Read More