Blocks Recording Club
280 Spadina Ave.
PO Box 67613 Dundas/Spadina RPO
Toronto, ON
M5T 3B8

General inquiries:[AT]

Press and media
Most individual members of the BRC have up-to-date contacts on their own sites. See links page. If you’re still searching, please contact[AT] and we’ll send you the right way.

Stores and Distribition

In Canada:

All other regions:

Demos and shit

First, do not email us mp3s, especially when we are just another entry in the B’s on your cc email list.

Second, we don’t “sign” artists.  So our “demo policy” is that we don’t have a demo policy. You join the Blocks by taking part, volunteering and being a real person.  Residing in Toronto helps immensely.

If you’re not in Toronto you can always email us and ask us questions about how you could do something like we do.

For the membership only

Matt Smith is board president. Talk about anything with him.

In particular, he’s in charge promo, web ish, and of production. All CD/LP makin’ issues should go to him. Contact him at matt(dot)smith(at)blocksblocksblocks(dot)com

Patrick Borjal is our treasurer. Talk money with her.

Julie Faught is actually in charge, and is more knowledgeable about all things in life than most.

Maggie MacDonald is in charge of make day team.

Animal Monster is in charge of body moving.

Tradition is in charge of keeping our heads straight

Owen is in charge of our ILM presence.

Brian Joseph Davis is in charge of words.

The Pining are in charge of splitting the bar tab equitably.


Board of Directors:

Patrick Borjal

Julie Faught

Magali Meagher

Matt Smith

We are an operational board so we handle or facilitate all the different aspects of Blocks


We are physically located on the 2nd floor at the

Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 2M7, Canada