In Canada, Blocks is distributed exclusively by FAB. Order at http://www.fab.ca

All other regions get a hold of distro@blocksblocksblocks.com

Individuals! Mail order direct from us

Most direct mail order goes directly through our shop at the Blue House.
Unfortunately,the Blue House is down and out for the count. If you are looking for something in the mean time, please send us an email to blocks.orders@gmail.com with your shipping address and we’ll send you a price. We’ll have something up in place very soon. Thanks or your patience

Digital Downloading For Money

1. This is our page on Zunior.

2. Here is our iTunes store

3. Download page for Vinyl Customers

Downloading for free

Several Blocks artists give away many of their tracks through the usual bit torrents and P2P channels and the upcoming and exciting Free Music Archive.