Prince Nifty’s lastest full length Pity Slash Love is here and we couldn’t be happier. Really, we thought it was lost forever to the hellish wasteland where broken, unrecoverable hard-drives go. But, the record was remade, and the labour of pity/love that is Pity Slash Love rises again. There’s lots to say, but the work speaks for itself. Please have a listen, downlaod, share and spread the word.

Here is a direct link to a download of the record

Here is a link to Bandcamp for streaming/embedding/ordering

Prince Nifty’s Pity Slash Love is available now as both a CD and downloadable multiformat digital audio LP.

Track listing:

1. Pity Slash Love pt 1
2. Pity Slash Love pt 2
3. Glass Figurines
4. Vox News Double Double Dose
5. Naab (edit)
6. Body Irony
7. Don’t Let’s Not Make Music
8. Once For Joseph
9. Vincentian Values
10. O Sluggard