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Pity Slash Love by Prince Nifty You can order it here! Read More

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Out Jan. 24th!">bobwiseman3

New Bob Wiseman Full length Jan 24 Out January 24th, Bob's new full length will be available on vinyl! – among the other usual suspects. Come out and help us release it this Thursday January 24th. Performing with Bob is an ...Read More


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Here's a new track from Prince Nifty: Vox News Double Double Dose Vox News Double Double Dose by Prince Nifty Read More

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">Betty Burke Dylan

Betty Burke's new EP 'Taking it All Back Now: Austerity Measures' is here and free for your downloading. Taking it All Back Now: Austerity Measures by Betty Burke Taking It All Back Now: Austerity Measures EP. "No Drums No Masters!" It's not an ...Read More


Kids On TV and Blocks are proud to release unto thee, wide world, the newest, most fresh sonic offerings from Toronto, via Berlin, and back again. Bobby, the new single from KOTV,featuring SNAX and Diamond Rings should kick start your ...Read More


Blocks has been giving it away and putting out all year long with Eucalyptus, Doug Tielli, Army Girls, The Pining, Betty Burke and Tomboyfriend. Many amazing videos were made; tours were booked; shows were played. Toronto is still standing, against ...Read More