1. Buying Blocks

The best way to buy Blocks is through our mailorder at The Blue House. The Blocks will make the most money that way. However, if you like the endorphin rush of going to a record store and getting the nod of approval from a clerk for buying something so cool here’s how…

In Canada, Blocks gets put into a lot of local record stores courtesy of FAB Distro. Where there are stands of water-soaked weeklies and ironic facial hair, there we be. In Toronto our local faves are Soundscapes and Rotate This. You can’t believe how much these two joints and their customers have helped Blocks.   Outside of Canada, we’re developing relationships with smaller distros and directly with record stores. Here’s a quick rundown.

In New York: Just got word that Other Music will be taking a big order from us. If you’re in NYC and looking for Blocks stuff, check it out and if they don’t have something of ours, ask for it!

In Europe:   A little bit of intrigue to sort through as a few artists have there own thing going on. Most of Kids On TV’s releases are available through Chicks On Speed Records. Brian Joseph Davis is carried by RER Megacorp. And some Final Fantasy and Hank albums have been released there by Tomlab. Jez is working on a few stores. We’ll keep you up to date.

Japan: We’re almost there!

2. The Free Music Archive

WFMU’s Free Music Archive just launched and Blocks has been given guest keys to post music. Why the FMA is so important is a little too complex to go into here (suffice it to say, it saves the asses of many internet radio stations and pod casters in the States) but we’re starting to upload tracks, some albums and live shows. It’s slow going now but check back every now and then for tracks by Blocks artists and other Torontonians.