One of the joys of Blocks’ musical diversity is my daily exposure to the two dominant sounds of my 70s trailer childhood: country and disco. Sure there may be no Blocks members sporting ex-con uncle polyester, but “country” isn’t dependent on Nudie suits, late child support payments, or hair big enough you could hide all of Tennessee in. Well, sometimes it is, but for me to explain hick ontology would take far too long. Until then, Building Blocks Digital singles Club presents…The Pining.

These gals are what the Carter Sisters would have been like if they had gotten in a fight with Mother Maybelle, then hocked her autoharp, and moved to Kensington Market. Listen to “Life Ain’t Fair” or its folksier b-side, “She’s Gone” and you’ll hear the best Canadian country since they stopped making 8-tracks.

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