Betty Burke’s new EP ‘Taking it All Back Now: Austerity Measures’ is here and free for your downloading.

Taking It All Back Now: Austerity Measures EP.

“No Drums No Masters!” It’s not an ideological slogan- it’s a sign of the times. Musical austerity measures. Forgo the rehearsal space and cars that real drums require, and just lay it down with some cheap beats from a rented drum machine. As usual, the songs are all based on true stories. Low Budget- even lower than last time! But rich with imagination.
released 15 May 2012
Songs (c) 2010, 2011 by Maggie MacDonald (SOCAN)
Recorded and Produced by James Bunton at his home studio, 2011
Mastered by Matt Smith AKA Nifty.
Maggie MacDonald: vocals
Jo Snyder: guitars
Sheila Sampath: keyboard, shaker
Paul Mathew: Bass
With backing vocals by Jo Snyder, Sheila Sampath

Photography by Jennifer Rowsom

Rambles, rants and revelations: