He skipped a stone and it made a sound. He walked the ravine and came across a melody.
Swan Sky Sea Squirrel, a collection of 11 new songs from shadow troubadour Doug Tielli is a psychogeographic map of an invisible city. Sandy beaches, colonies of cormorants and tall sinewy trees creeping with spirits are not what you generally associate with Toronto but this is what you discover in the small chain of islands off the harbour of the Big Smoke.

Tielli wrote and recorded over a 3 month stay on the island. Playing nearly all the instruments himself, guitars, trombone, saw, sounds, bass, drums, percussion and singing, he emerged with a haunting document. Swan Sky Sea Squirrel guides us through the curiosities of the island, along the banks of the Humber river and gets us back to the Tranzac just in time for the show. Evoking Brian Wilson, Palace Brothers, both father and son Buckley, Tielli articulates a million thoughts, intimates decades and imparts a life’s worth of emotions in less than an hour.

Brother of Martin (Rheostatics), and John (Metal Kites), Doug Tielli is a testament to the multiverse that is the underground music scene born of The Tranzac, the Toronto Australia New Zealand Club, musical home to many of Toronto’s shadow wizards like Sandro Perri, Ryan Driver, Eric Cheneaux and Alex Lukashevsky. There you might find Doug singing and playing guitar and trombone in critically beloved acts like The Silt, Drumheller, and the Reveries.

Doug Tielli
BRC 070
Swan Sky Sea Squirrel
Running Time 48:50

Yes I am lonely 3:48
When The Sky Opens 4:45
Riversea 6:51
Deer 2:06
Swan 3:42
Squirrel Tips 5:04
Santia 3:45
Lilia 4:31
Let Go Of The Vast Dark 4:29
Dear Gone One 4:36
The Deepest End 5:17

If you are in town, please join us for the release show Sunday November 27th at The Tranzac main hall, 9:00 pm. (292 Brunswick Ave). Also releasing her new CD as part of the same night is Doug’s UK label mate, Devon Sproule. Advance tickets are avilable at Rotate This and Soundscapes for $8. Or if you are in Montreal, they play Le Cagibi Nov 25, 8:00pm 5$ ( Here is a poster for the show ) R.S.V.P. to be placed on our guest list for the night.

Following are some photos and links. Please feel free to use them. Most of you will be receiving physical copies in the mail, if you have not already. Please use the private soundcloud link of the full album for your ears only, but feel free to use the link to the singles ‘Riversea’ and ‘Deer’ for embedding.

Listen to the whole record here

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Deer by Doug Tielli


Riversea by Doug Tielli

And the video for ‘Deer’ featuring vocals by Jennifer Castle

Deer – Doug Tielli from Doug Tielli on Vimeo.

Riversea on Southern Souls

DOUG TIELLI – Riversea from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

Yes I Am Lonely on Southern Souls

DOUG TIELLI – Yes I Am Lonely from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.