BRC 071

EP 10-inch vinyl/CD/Digital

Out on Blocks Dec 1,

Release shows Dec 1, 2 and 3rd

Dec 1st in-store @ Soundscapes, 7pm. Dec 2nd @ Hiruit Fine Ethiopian Cuisine, 8pm. 2050 Danforth Ave. Dec 3rd @ The Tranzac, 10pm. 292 Brunswick ave

A party – good weather and company – just doesn’t want to stop. It turns into evening; into night; into more parties; cocktails and strangers – too much chatter; a different place; this time dancing; new friends; old friends; then fade to sun, slowly dissolving into embraces, kisses, goodbyes.

Eeeeeuuucaaaaaaallyyypppptus, the introductory ep from Toronto saxophonist Brodie West’s band Eucalyptus is an avant seaside clave jazz explosion of smart, fun and enchanting heads and rhythms.

Here, West showcases both his penchant for writing simple and arresting rhythms and melodies, and his amazing band. Recorded with just 2 microphones, the recording is reminiscent of a forgotten era of studio fidelity. The tunes themselves however, span decades and geographies, from Mali to Morocco, Sierra Leone to the the many islands of the Carribean, sharing equal influence with the likes of Sun Ra, Jelly Roll Morton, The Mighty Sparrow and Duke Ellington.

Yet, there is something uniquely close to home about Eucalyptus, which is what makes this record so disarmingly buoyant, and so amazingly Toronto.

This hand-made limited edition 10″ vinyl is Blocks Recording Club’s 71st release. It also is available on CD (with a special bonus track) and it is digitally downloadable.

The band is Brodie West (The Ex (NL), Han Bennink), Nicole Rampersaud , Ryan Driver, Alex Lukashevsky, Nick Fraser, Blake Howard and Mike Smith.

BRC 071

Total running time: 30:49
Tracks (CD version):

1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Calypso 7:14
2. Durrty Goodz 5:13
3. Triller 6:40
4. Jelly Roll 5:13
5. Cookie 6:32

Here is the EP on soundcloud

Here is a link to Download the entire EP

And here’s a promo vid for the release shows: